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Our products satisfaction and savings come with a guarantee, we deal with top quality products to accomplish online shopping experience in baby, home and kitchen.

Customer support

Our team is ready to help customers with all their baby, home and kitchen products need. Kindly drop an email at info@jcubep.com for speedy response 24/7. Sit back, relax and enjoy shopping with us.


We ensure that our ever- evolving customer- centric product strategy will grow according to consumer demand. So, buy baby, home and kitchen products anytime and from anywhere in United States.

Our Mission

To provide customer-centric solutions in baby, home and kitchen products, through an exclusive online shopping experience and excellent customer service with the mixture of ours and well-known quality brands.

About us


Who we are

Welcome to JCUBE&P LLC, your number one source for baby, home and kitchen products. We are dedicated to giving you high quality products, which are our own and other brands with a focus on you, the customer; our most treasured asset.

Our company is a family owned business founded in 2019 by the Adu’s; James, Joan, Joel and Pearl. The business name came as result of combining the first letters of our names to give us JCUBE&P. Moving to the Nordics has been a great experience for us, so we are proud to call Fairbanks, Alaska our home office.

The desire to set up a business started when we realized that most Alaskans do their shopping online due to the limited brick and mortar shops in the state. Moreover, the few shops don’t stock most of the everyday items Alaskans need coupled with the high cost of owning a brick and mortar shop in Alaska. To be part of this solution is what motivated us to have an online store, offering affordable and quality everyday items to customers in the Nordics and the country at large.

Since a journey of thousand miles begins with a step, we decided to focus on baby, home and kitchen items which are the foundation of every household. This direction is also in line with our values of family or home being the core of every society. So today, if you are seeing this store, it is you the family that motivated us to start this business and we are here to serve you with that purpose in mind.

We hope you enjoy our products as much as we enjoy offering them to you.


For further information, please feel free to reach out to us.


Baby Products, Home and Kitchen Products

Baby Products

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Home Products

We care about your household needs so stay tuned for our household products which are coming soon

Kitchen Products

We care about your Kitchen needs so stay tuned for our Kitchen products which are coming soon



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